SI in MDPI Electronics on Vehicular Communications

SI in Wiley ETTT Journal on Internet of Connected Vehicles

SI in MDPI Applied Sciences on Soft Computing and Applications

@Nottingham Trent University, Academic Year 2019-20, 2018-19

MSc. Engineering

1. Embedded Systems (ITEC-40091)

This module/subject basically targets to learn the practical implementation of smart embedded systems design and development considering Arduino computing resources and different types of sensors integration. In the end, each student implements smart wireless sensor network-centric embedded systems projects.

2. Group Design Project (COMP40421)

This module/subject basically targets to develop group-based practical project management skills among students. Each group of 4-5 students works on working ROBOT design and development for addressing a range of problem domains. The module starts with mechanical design and development, and progress towards circuit design and development for a complete working robot with different specific problem-solving characteristics.

BSc. (H) Computer Systems (Networks)

1. Internet Technology/ Systems Technology (ITEC-10271/10281)

This module/subject basically targets to learn the basics of Computer Networking in terms of theories and practical working of protocols. Students learn and experience different types of networking scenarios with private network implementation in the laboratory sessions.

@Northumbria University, Academic Year 2017-18

1. Cyber Security, MSc. level 

I was involved in this module teaching with my Dr. Nauman Aslam who was my research mentor at Northumbria University, Newcastle. I was basically supporting Nauman in teaching whenever he can not go to teaching due to other academic duties including conferences, seminars, or administrative meetings.

@University of Technology Malaysia (UTM), Academic Year 2016-17, 2015-16

1. Communication Networks, MSc. by Research 

I was involved in the module teaching with prof. Hanan who was my research mentor at University Technology Malaysia. I was basically supporting Prof. Hanan in teaching with the practical implementation of different types of communication networking scenarios, and protocols. I took classes in Vehicular Network implementation.

@Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Academic Year 2014-15, 2013-14

1. .Net Programming, MCA level 

I was teaching this module/subject in the School of Computer and Systems Sciences, as a Remedial Class Teacher. The student’s programing skill improvement in terms of both theoretical and practical learning was the major target of this module.  This remedial class initiative was directly supported by the Univerisity Grant Commission (UGC) of India.